Program Impact

Program Impact

Platinum Minds has changed the lives of over 300 young men since its inception.


Our Scholars learn to become positive leaders in their schools and communities and become to recognize the impact they provide as roles models to those around them.

  • Have positive leadership roles in their schools and/or community
  • Enjoy giving, and seek to return to their communities in the future
  • Feel valued and useful to our society
  • Report our program encourages them to achieve and reach higher
  • Indicate feeling smart and accomplished
  • Want to help others
  • Plan to attend college and achieve grades which are competitive for college admission
  • Share a belief in God and understand that he has a purpose for their lives


All of our scholars are actively involved in making a difference in their community. They volunteer in their schools, get involved in local neighborhood initiatives, and are very active with Platinum Minds and our community programs. Most of our scholars have become peer leaders or have taken on other leadership roles in the schools


As a result of failing inner city schools, far too many bright and ambitious students are losing access to excellent educational opportunities. When these students don’t receive the educational training and exposure to new ideas they desire, it’s common that they give up on their dreams and or the hopes of a better life. Whether or not scholars attend a private secondary school or stay at their local schools, Platinum Minds supports them with knowledge, skills and engagement.

  • 100% of our scholars report feeling fortunate to have this opportunity.
  • 100% report feeling proud and esteemed to be a role model to younger boys in their existing schools and throughout their community.
  • 100% have gone on to college receiving academic and athletic scholarships.
  • 100% report Platinum Minds as preparing them with knowledge and skills necessary for success in their schools, careers and future
  • Over 95% maintained a B or better academic average during the 4 to 6 years they stay in the program
  • Over 95% become empowered to make a difference in our communities
  • Over 90% of younger boys 1st – 5th grade improve their reading skills, school attendance, and school participation
  • 99% report summer camp being one of the most memorable experiences in their lives.

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