Our Impact


Our Success

  • Platinum Minds is proud of its 100% high school graduation rate and 98% matriculation to college or other educational training beyond high school.
  • Using rubric assessments, leveled reading proficiency, comprehension and oral presentation as well as observation, parent reporting, and teacher feedback. Platinum Mind’s is able to report that its Frederick Douglass Reading Program have a positive impact on virtually 100% of its participates.  
  • The typical young reader advances two to three levels within two years of being in the reading program. In addition, we are proud that our “Rising Stars” (younger readers), demonstrate increased reading proficiency, self-efficacy, self-esteem and overall positive self-image.
  • More than 400 plus students have participated in Platinum Minds programs.  
  • Based on feedback from educators and parents, scholars participating in the Platinum Minds program show demonstrated strength in independent thinking, attributes that will enable them to achieve their full academic potential and become leaders in their communities.
  • Scholars in the Platinum Minds program show increased levels of community involvement, improved grades, enhanced leadership skills, a broadened world view of available opportunities, increased levels of confidence and more confident public speaking skill.
  • Additionally, all of graduates received either partial or full academic scholarships to further their education.
  • Given that some of these scholars come from neighborhoods in which as few as 60% of young men graduate from high school and even fewer attend college, the Platinum Minds program has proven to be a great success.

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