Program Donations

The Success of our Scholars depends on the generosity of individuals like yourself

Thank You For Making A Difference

Summer Camp

    ($700 sends a young man to summer camp)

  • Our summer camp experience offers students the opportunity to learn and develop their leadership skills, healthy lifestyles, and important life skills. Camp participants also get to escape urban settings to experience an environment where they can develop sportsmanship, interpersonal communication skills, personal responsibility, and self-esteem. Help a student attend an overnight 2 weeks summer camp experience, $700.

Arete Leaders Program

    ($1026 supports a young scholar for an entire year)

  • We created the Arete’ Leaders Program to develop future leaders. Through monthly sessions, scholars are exposed to learning experiences that are designed to bring out their natural leadership abilities. The goal of the program is to train the scholars to think creatively and act collaboratively to have a positive impact within their schools, families, and communities.


    (For $205/yr. you can make a difference in a young mans life)

  • In the Mentoring Program, students are matched with a caring and supportive adult mentor and role model. These committed volunteers provide guidance, understanding, and tutoring to help their mentees better manage their high school years. Students learn to balance school work, extracurricular activities, and college preparation.

Academic Scholarships

    ($8000/ yr. can help a young man go to a better high school)

  • The opportunity to attend the best schools is a gift that changes lives forever. Too many talented young men never get the chance to excel to their potential. Proving the financial resources to receive a top-quality education, scholars get the opportunity to contribute productively to society and reach their dreams. You can sponsor a student to go on to secondary school where he can learn in a safe environment and where academic achievement is valued. Thank you for bringing better educational opportunities to boys who excel with a little guidance.

Frederick Douglass Reading Program

    ($543/ yr. helps a young boy read on grade level)

  • Helping a boy read literally changes his life and his future. You can bring the joy of education to a child’s life.